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Unofficial Where's Willy Hot and Cold Users Page
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Thank you to everyone who has supported this site. I regret that I will no longer be updating this page. Due to time restraints I will not be able to maintain the heavy work load and proper accuracy of the hot and cold lists. As well, updates of my clubs pages will also cease, due to the same reasons. Feel free to check out the past hottest users lists, as well as the clubs. I will keep these links active indefinitely.

It was a fun ride for myself and I hope it was enjoyable for everyone else as well. Maintaining this page was something I enjoyed immensely, and it was not an easy decision to lay the page to rest. But I hope I have encouraged future Williers to have fun with the numerous stats that Where's Willy? has to offer. Thank you to everyone who has helped with my site along the way. Willy onward!

This site was mentioned in the Sudbury Star (March 3, 2003). Click link below:
Sudbury Star article
Thanks to Mark Tunn, James, and Hank!
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